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What to do in case of a claim?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My house has been damaged. What steps should I take?

Document the damage with photos
To prevent further damage, you may need to make temporary repairs to your home.

Before you make any changes or remove any damaged contents from your home, you should take photos. Your adjuster will need these photos to document your claim properly.

Make sure you document serial numbers, model numbers of electronics. It is also recommended that you photograph each room from multiple angles prior to a storm event.

Prevent further damage
If safety and common sense allows, take necessary steps to prevent further property damage by making temporary repairs wherever possible.

If necessary, remove wet carpet from your home to prevent mold. Make sure to provide at least a 2'x 2' sample of the carpet and pad to your claim adjuster.

Your claim adjuster will estimate the damage to your house, but sometimes it's necessary to have an engineer or repair-experienced contractor also inspect for damage. Feel free to obtain your own contractor's estimate.

Keep your receipts
Request and copy original receipts for all purchases or services needed to make temporary or emergency repairs.

Save receipts for your additional living expenses.

Save the copies for your personal records and give the original receipts to your adjuster.

Dealing With Damage to Your Car
If you've had an accident that caused damage to your vehicle and you have collision coverage, don't worry. MAMI Insurance will help get you back on the road quickly and safely.
If your car is damaged in an accident:
• Get yourself and your vehicle to a safe location (the shoulder of the road, a well-lit area). Your safety and the safety of your passengers is priority one.
• Exchange insurance information with any other drivers involved. Do not admit guilt of  fault with anyone
• Call the police for assistance. Make sure you obtain a report or report number  from the responding officer 
• Know where your vehicle will be towed, if you were unable to drive it yourself.
• Once you and your vehicle are safe, call your carrier to report the accident to us by going to our website 

Get a Vehicle Damage Estimate 
The first step in getting an estimate is to call us at 1-866-729-1274 to report the claim. The next step depends on whether or not your car is safe to drive. If you are in doubt then don't drive the car. 

Accord Files:

•  Notice of property Loss [ Download ] 
•  Notice of Auto Loss [ Download ] 

If you need to contact your carrier here are some numbers

Homeowners Website    Number Fax Number
Citizens 1-888-685-1555 1-904-281-5082
Cypress 1-877-560-5224  1-469-499-2317 
Universal Property & Casualty 1-800-425-9113 1-954-958-1201
Lexington Homeowners      
Universal of North America 1-800-295-8016  
Prepared Insurance 1-813-286-3730 1-813-286-3737
Seacoast   1-404-751-4400 1-404-751-4303
Federated National 1-800-293-2532 x2  
United Property & Casualty 1-800-295-8016 1-469-499-2531
Aspen Homeowners 1-866-417-4855  
Orchid 1-866-370-6505  
Progressive 1-800-776-4777  
Infinity 1-800-782-1020 1-800-782-2218
Bristol West 1-800-274-7865 1-888-888-0070
Chartis PCG 1-877-867-3783  
GMAC 1-800-325-1088 1-800-355-3800 
Nationwide / Allied 1-800-532-1436  
MAPFRE 1-305-507-2662  
Met Life 1-800-422-4272  
Safeco 1-800-332-3226  
Hartford Flood 1-800-624-5578  
Service Insurance 1-800-780-8423  
Foremost Flood 1-800-527-3907  
Prepared Flood 1-813-286-3730  

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