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Homeowners Insurance Customer Service Options

Self policy service any time of the day, directly from our website. To request a policy change on your account, click any of the following policy service options below.

Homeowners Insurance Information

Because everyone's needs are not the same, consult a M.A.M.I. Agent to help assess your needs and find the insurance policy that is right for you.

Principals of Insuring a House

The amount of insurance needed for the dwelling is based on the replacement cost of the structure.

All mortgage companies will require a specified replacement value to be the basis of your policy.


Questions about your Condo

Will mortgagee require a specific amount to be insured?

What is the value of any interior refurbishment?

Will I be renting my unit?

Discounts Available

-Wind Mitigation Inspection (FBC equivalent roof, shutters, reinforced concrete roof)

-Certificates of Surveillance for Fire & Burglar Alarms

Handling Claims (Know your rights)

-All policy holders can find their own public adjuster to asses the amount of damage sustained by their property & contents.
-If valuations between company and insured differ, an arbitration hearing will be assembled.


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